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 Cremation Services


We Guarantee 100% private Cremation's

     With our full proof tracking systems in place, and 4 private cremation chambers, we GUARANTEE You will receive your pet and only your pet's cremains returned to you!

Individual Private Cremationpet is cremated individually and the remains are returned to the pet owner in a urn of your choice.

All Pets Cremation Services guarantees that your pet's remains and only your pet's remains are returned to you.
Our quality control procedures ensure that there is no co-mingling of remains.
Each Pet is placed by itself in one of our 4 
state of the art cremation chambers.
 We use a stainless steel pre-numbered ID tag that stays with your pet throughout the cremation process.

Our process is similar to the human cremation tracking procedures.

Witnessed Individual Cremation
Anyone that has any doubt about getting their own pets cremains back we would encourage you to witnessed the cremation process. Please call for an appointment.

Home pick-up We will pick up your pet at your home for cremation and return them back within 3 working days.

Pet drop off
You may also bring your pet directly to our facility for an individual cremation or communal cremation.  Please call for an appointment.

Let us help you design a personalized urn for your beloved pet.

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