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   Custom Wood Urns

Our goal is to create a special Urn for you at this very difficult time.  We realize that all the memories you have with your beloved pet are precious ones.  We feel honored to work with you to create a fitting memorial, one that will insight fond
memories time and time again.

Best Regards,

John Gribbin

#1 Create a beautiful Urn using your favorite  photograph,paw print and any words you would like to express. We will take a paw print of your beloved pet at time of cremation.

#2 This is a painting of a owners bulldog.  We added the life dates,some paw prints and a brass name plate at the owners request

#3 A simple name, paw print and an inscription.

#4 A nice example of a paw print with name & life dates and a personal message on the side.

#5 Pets Photograph with life dates on either side and Owners words below photo.

A favorite photo with life dates, saying and vines on side of Urn.

All urns have 4 screws on the bottom for easy access to the Cremains.  All cremains are double bagged and sealed inside urn.

some designs for the sides.

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