Michael G.

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Great service.  I have used other companies before, after seeing a article about All Pets in the paper, the company seemed like they cared.  They did, as they came to my home at short notice and picked up my lab.  I actually felt better after getting the ashes back in a beautiful urn. Thanks All Pets!  I would use them again.

Ann C.

Pullman, Washington

A few weeks ago after a long battle with Cancer my dear friend Bradley went down hill. I rushed him to WSU Veterinary Hospital where we made the difficult choice to put him down. The Hospital presented me with the choice of pet cremation, I had not even thought about that!  I was given an All Pets Brochure.  We chose the beautiful wood urn.  A few days later John From All Pets contacted me with some questions on the engraving instructions, he was a very caring man and he gave me a few great ideas for the urn.  A week later we picked up Bradley's remains at WSU. The urn was beautiful! I love All Pets, they helped me keep my Bradley's memory alive!

A++++  Thank you All Pets


Spokane, Washington

It was nice to have somebody care so much about my pet. Mr. Gribbin came to my home, picked up the dog and chatted with me about my loss. “It made it so much more personal that he cares about my pet and explained the whole process. The urn was beautiful and just what i wanted!"

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The Spokesman-Review

A dignified farewell

By Shefali Kulkarni   Staff Writer

» For more information on All Pets Cremation Services call (509) 922-1285 or (208) 704-1426.

The cremation business was never something John Gribbin had in mind as a career move. Now, one month after opening his business, All Pets Cremation Services in Spokane Valley, Gribbin realizes the cremation business is not as much about the animals as it is about their owners.

“This is the hardest part about owning a pet – the end of the relationship,” says Gribbin. “But it just fits me. The best part about my job is handing the urn to them – they are almost celebrating. Because 48 hours earlier they were really grieving.”

In addition to cremating a client’s pet, Gribbin also gives them the option of placing the ashes in a plain scatter urn or a custom-engraved wooden urn.

Gribbin’s wife, Gayle, said that the new business was a natural fit for her husband who’s always been a people person.

“He just loves people – he’s the ultimate entrepreneur,” she says. After the death of their yellow lab, Jager, Gribbin was faced with the dilemma of what to do with the dog’s body.

“I didn’t know what my options were,”he recalls. Thirteen years ago the options were to place Jager in a landfill or cremate. Gribbin and his wife decided to cremate their dog, and when they received the remains, they came in a flowery cardboard box with a tear on the bottom.

“For a macho hunting dog, I didn’t think this was good at all,” says Gribbin. Their dog’s name was spelled wrong as well, says Gayle, holding the old box she retrieved from her husband’s desk.

“I look at it when I need to,” he says. “I try to do every persons pet’s urn like I would do my own pet’s.”

The Gribbin's were determined to create a business that can handle the death of a family pet graciously and respectfully. Dani Lord-Flynn of Spokane took her dog “Kia” to All Pets after her dog died.

“It was nice to have somebody care so much about my pet,” she says. Gribbin came to her home, picked up the dog and chatted with Lord-Flynn about her loss. “It made it so much more personal that he cares about what happens when you pet passes away.”

Other cremation services are available. The Family Pet Memorial Garden in Colbert has been cremating animals for 10 years now. But Lord-Flynn especially likes the custom urn Gribbin provides.

“All of us put a word that symbolized our dog on the urn,” she says.



CDA Press Article

Posted: Monday, November 14, 2011 12:00 am

By BRIAN WALKER/Staff writer | 

POST FALLS - Little did John Gribbin know that the death of Jager, the family's adored yellow lab, would turn into a business.

When the pet of 12 years had to be euthanized after he became deathly ill with cancer, Gribbin's desire to have a dignified farewell turned into a horrible experience.

"When we had him cremated, his remains came back in a cardboard box covered with pink flowered material and he was a big macho dog," Gribbin said. "And his name was spelled wrong."

It wasn't what Gribbin had in mind for the dog that had saved a person's life who had nearly drowned at a beach and was a trained hunting companion.

The situation gave Gribbin the idea to change careers from an industrial account manager at Snap On Tools to start All Pets Cremation Services in Spokane Valley six years ago. Gribbin and his wife Gayle, who live in Post Falls, recently relocated their business to 4195 E. Third Ave. in Post Falls because they needed more space and wanted to work in their hometown.

"I thought it made more sense, especially when having to meet customers in need at odd hours of the night," John said.

In addition to cremation services, customers have the option of purchasing a wood urn that Gribbin custom engraves. The urns, Gribbin said, sets his firm apart from other pet cremation firms in the Northwest. With the urns, Gribbin is able to utilize his background with running photo labs.

"It's really limitless as to what you can put on the urns," he said. "They make it really unique for the owner. Some things you see and say, 'I don't get it,' but the family gets it and that's what's important."

Gribbin performs cremation services for all types of animals, including horses, cats, birds and lizards.

"We've even done goldfish, if you can believe it," he said.

Gribbin said his business has grown by about 30 percent each year.

"We have a great relationship with some of the vet clinics and a lot of our business comes from repeat customers or through word of mouth," he said.

Costs vary depending on the pet's weight. For instance, cremation for a cat in which its remains aren't returned is $40 and dogs are in the $55 range. A full service that includes an urn and engraving can vary from $115 for a cat to $240 for a dog.

White plastic scatter burial urns are less expensive than wood urns.

For more information, call 704-1426

For Gribbin, the business is a labor of love.

 Ow  ner John Gribbin        preparing to engrave a  custom urn.

 Owner John Gribbin        preparing to engrave a  custom urn.